More Information - Are You Listening?

Who Should Take This Workshop?

  • Job Candidates
  • New Hires
  • Team Members
  • Supervisors and Managers
  • HR Professionals
  • Executives


What are the Benefits of Good Listening?

    • What are the Benefits of Good Listening?
    • You’ll save time by getting the correct information the first time
    • You’ll understand issues more fully
    • You’ll be able to do the job right and give customers exactly what they want
    • Relationships will improve. Everyone likes a good listener.
    • You’ll be able to make more sales when you know what your customer really wants
    • There will be much less conflict and stress



    • Introduction and Overview
    • How much and how well we listen
    • How our brains make sense of sounds
      • Understanding
      • Remembering
      • Analyzing
      • Making Meaning
    • What Gets in the Way of Good Listening – and how to overcome it
    • The difference between Listening for Facts and Feelings
      • When to use each
      • Sharing enough and not too much
      • How to get all the facts and all the feelings
      • How to read body language
      • How to use the right body language
      • How to direct the conversation through your own responses