More Information - Polished Presentations

Who Should Attend:

Polished Presentations is for professionals who want to increase their ability to make memorable, inspiring, or motivational presentations.

Why take Polished Presentations?

Business leaders, executives, and opinion leaders are just some of the people who need the skills to move, inspire and motivate their listeners.  Being a top-level speaker will give you the ability to

  • Motivate, inspire and activate your audiences
  • Gain greater respect from your listeners
  • Enhance your professional image
  • Gain buy-in for new ideas and projects
  • Project the  best image of your business

How Polished Presentations Works:

We work with small groups, and show each individual how to find his or her best style and image.  You’ll start with several short, informal presentations, which will be digitally recorded.  You’ll then have the opportunity to review your presentation in private with a coach. Each presentation will focus on one specific skill, including:

    • Telling your story
    • Using facts and statistics to make your case
    • Winning over hostile audiences
    • Staying in control in challenging situations
    • Answering questions
    • Staying on message
    • Good take-offs and landings – Introductions and Conclusions