Persuasive Presentations

When you want listeners to accept your ideas, sign on, or buy, you need to be persuasive.  It can make the difference between getting the sale, the job or the contract or seeing it go to a competitor.  This workshop will help you get results by learning to:

  • Understand how people make decisions – it’s not always what you think!
  • Adapt your pitch to differences in decision-making styles
  • Create a need for your idea or product
  • Use the winning approach
  • Employ emotions and logic in persuasion
  • Increase your personal persuasive power


Who Should Attend this Workshop?

Persuasive Presentations will be an asset to anyone who want to make a sale, get buy-in on a new proposal, influence thinking, change attitudes, or in any way influence decision-makers.

Take this Workshop if You Want to:

  • Persuade other to make a favorable decision
  • Use your knowledge of how people make decision to your benefit
  • Know how to pitch to different listeners
  • Understand the role of emotions persuasion
  • Make a logical pitch that will stand up to critical analysis
  • Understand how much you, as the speaker, influence the decision
  • Present a persuasive, likeable image to your audience


Why take Persuasive Presentations?

Persuasive presenters reap many benefits. 

When you learn the skills, attitudes and techniques shared in this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Present you ideas in a way that makes sense to your audience
  • Get your audience to keep an open mind and really listen to you
  • Change your listeners’ thoughts and attitudes
  • Turn hostility into open-mindedness and support
  • Make more sales
  • Gain buy-in



    • What is Real Persuasion? ( and what masquerades as persuasion)
    • You are the most important factor in the persuasion process
    • Delivery – presenting your ideas sincerely and enthusiastically
    • Pitching to the  Audience you have, not the one you want
    • Connecting with the Audience – developing trust and common ground
    • Overcoming Hostility
    • Understanding the Role of Emotions:  Why I Want the RED Car
    • Making Logical Arguments: Why the Red Car doesn’t always sell
    • Organizing for Persuasive Appeal: putting first things first
    • Using Visuals to persuade